There’s A Customer Born Every Minute

This is one of the best business books we’ve read all year – maybe in years. Its author, Joe Vitale turns his extensive research into the life, exploits and lectures of P.T. Barnum and produces “Rings Of Power” for any business owner.

It’s practical, but also great fun to read. You’ll discover Barnum was much more than a circus promoter — he owned a museum, made a singer famous, published a newspaper, made and lost one fortune then made another one, and even conducted seminars on ‘The Art Of Getting Money.’ And, incidentally, there’s no record of Barnum ever having said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

But armed with Joe’s tips-from-Barnum in this book, you will find there’s a new customer waiting for you every minute! Joe’s book, ‘There’s A Customer Born Every Minute’ is a great read and a great business gift!

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