Special “Thank You” Video Gift

It’s that special time of year, when I need to tell you something very important…

And I truly mean it. It takes time and effort to grow a great business relationship, and I’m grateful for the part you’ve played in growing ours.

That’s why I got up earlier this morning to record a special VIDEO message for you – it’s some of my Thanksgiving ramblings, along with a heads-up on an overt-the-top ‘Thank You’ event I launched today.

As if that weren’t enough.  In this video, I’m also leaking (for the 2nd time only) 13 minutes of solid content from a recent SOLD OUT webinar where Yanik Silver grilled me for how I make more money, have more fun and give more back each day.  It’s perfect for today – and because this is the time of Thanksgiving…it’s yours FREE!

Turn up your sound and enjoy…

Please leave your comments below – let me know what YOU experience gratitude for this time of year!

(11/26 UPDATE: The sale event is now LIVE – but only through Monday, November 29…so act fast before the special discounts and bonuses disappear!  If you’ve ever wanted to master online prospecting, webinars, copywriting and more, this is your chance! Go here to get the full scoop.)

From my Lifetime Marketing Success, Inc. family to yours…THANK YOU!


Chris 🙂


  1. Great video!

    I agree 100%, it’s very important to focus, but it’s really hard. I have been struggling for a long time to focus, and not do everything at once. When I do focus, everything I do turns out a lot better.

    Actually, I just read an awesome book about this. It’s called “Juggling Elephants”, now, I am thinking more about what I should be doing and keeping all the other stuff out 🙂

    Great tips about giving as well. This is surely something to think about.

  2. Masud Selim says:

    Excellent works ..

    I would like to be an free affiliate sales of your buisness

  3. keith junor says:

    I decided that today would be the last day I am broke. I am extremely grateful for the family I have, the opportunities I have and still have and that all I need Is Inside of me and I will start making an income on the internet so I can do for others.

  4. Mary Elliot says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    We don’t celebrate it here in the UK, but that doesn’t stop us from being thankful for all we are given every day! We all have so much that we should always try to give something back, not necessarily in money if we haven’t much, but perhaps in time, kind words, or deeds which cost us nothing, but can mean a great deal.

    Smile at a stranger today!


  5. Fred Riley says:

    I’m thankfull for everything and anything more is a bonus

  6. Scott McCollum says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    I am so happy that your Dad is going to be Ok.
    There are so many things to be thankful for. In times of uncertainty
    with a down economy I am thankful that i do not have to participate.
    I am thankful that i can offer hope to so many of the people who are finding
    themselves unemployed and laid off. I am thankful I can teach them that they can’t
    change the economy but they can change themselves and that success is something they can attract by becoming an attractive person. I am thankful that i can help put people back in business for themselves one person at a time so they will never have to depend on a job for their families security ever again. I am thankful to be able to teach them that if they will work harder on themselves than they do their jobs then success is sure to follow.


  7. Charles Switzer says:

    Have a Happy Turkey day.

    Thanks for all you have done.

    I could get long winded but family has arrived so will stop


  8. anne says:

    happy thanksgiving to you! iam happy for you and your dad.
    me,iam grateful for LIFE and all that comes with.

  9. Ron B says:

    Hey Chris
    Great to hear about your father, and it is truly amazing to see how fantastic people are in sending their support to your family.
    As for opportunity and prosperity, this year has shown me how much I really needed to learn about this. This world is full of infinite possibility and a great life. Really thought I had a grip on this but alas I had a lot to learn and have and continue to grow.

    As for your training clip it was absolutely fantastic

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all

  10. Robert Mulle says:

    Hello Chris,

    There is so much that I’m grateful: family, friends, health and a higher power that gives me the principles of a good life. Great news about your dad!

    Thank you for your blog, Chris.

  11. Doris Butters says:

    I only wish I could do the job as well as you two guys! Just think , I would have money in the bank , not worring that I am two payments behind on my house and my car.,.

    Since my husband passed on and that was July 8 th 2007 every thing has tipped upside down,, We had a lot more money when he was alive and now it is cut down to the 1/2 point and when I get ready to pay all my regular bills their is not any money to get to upgrade on my business….

  12. james javerence says:

    though things are very har when the economy of my country is getting rough.
    with your advices we are making it in future surelly.
    but let work together

  13. Ruby says:

    Hi Chris:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone in the USA.

    I was looking forward to viewing the video and obviously some people got to see it, but today, November 30, all I see is a big black square – no video or video controls.

    I’m hoping I haven’t missed the chance to see it.

  14. Victoria Ling says:

    Hey Chris

    I felt compelled to respond because my offline passion is also theatre and it is a passion that does not pay well ;(

    I just finished a production on Saturday.

    My going into internet marketing is really to have a passive recurring income so that I can free my time for theatre works.

    I am not financially free yet but I am working towards it.

    Thanks for the great video.


  15. Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment – please be sure to keep ’em coming! 🙂

    Also Ruby – if you’re having probs with the video, make sure you’re on a reliable (ideally fast) connection and that you have the latest Flash plugin installed for your browser: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

    If you’ve done that, then try refreshing. We had tons of people hitting that video around the world, so it may have been a slow day when you tried before. Hope that helps!

    And yes, an online business is a WONDERFUL way to pursue your passions (especially if they don’t pay well always)…while still having a tremendous lifestyle and giving back to others.

    Glad you all liked the video! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  16. Brian Fitzgerald says:

    Quick Question.

    I just started a new Website for my new Network Marketing Health Product.

    As any new site, I need links in and out. My concern is when I am linking out, do I need to be concerned with folks who use rel=”nofollow”. And will that really help them to get credit for the out link, but does not delute thier pagerank?

    Brian Fitzgerald

  17. Larry Austin says:

    Hi, Chris.
    This is a little, I mean late, but the fun never ends.
    This is my first visit to your blog, and I want to say thank you for your support.
    I actually needed your inspiration for giving. This is a great mindset boost.

  18. @Brian – there are mixed opinions on this. The standard thinking now is that a link helps you regardless. Just be careful what you link out to. Search engines care about the quality of what you sent your folks over to.

    @Larry – Welcome to the blog, and thanks for your kind words. Glad it helped! 🙂

  19. Michael Rovno says:

    Chris….bless you for sharing this information. I am thankful for family, MaxOne, being able to share magic and balloons and for having been introduced to you and your helpful information. Please let me know when you would like a guest pass to The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca. I love the idea of paying it forward. The Society of American Magicians donates shows during National Magic Week (10/25 through 10/31st) and I do more by even donating entertainment at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bullhead City, AZ once a week. I love the idea of giving. Who can we help today?

  20. Elle says:

    Although we don’t celebrate it in our country and it’s late, I still want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    I am thankful that I have a great mother.
    I am thankful that I am healthy.
    I am thankful that we live in the best period of human history.
    I am thankful that I can know you, Chirs, from a book.
    There are too many things to be thankful, so thank you all. O(∩_∩)O~

  21. @Michael – Thanks for your kind words and posting on the blog. Also thanks for the Magic Castle offer, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I don’t talk about it much online, but I actually got my performance start in magic. Began at 4 years old with a Fisher Price Magic Set, and had my own magic biz going by the time I went to college. Guess it was my “gateway drug” into theater. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving!

    @Elle – Thanks for the kind words and taking your time to share what you’re thankful for! That sounds like a great list! Hope your holiday season is magical! 🙂

  22. Hey Chris! Very Good Job! I think your doing everything right! Things are looking good for you and your business, Great job on the Blog, I like want you done to this, Very info!
    I’m just thankful for being alive and my family being healthy, My kids and grand kids are good and healthy, The best thing for me & my family Is a healthy life! HAPPY HOLLADAYS To you and yours!

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