If You Like Being Entertained, You’ll Love This…

It’s a fact…

When it comes to creating engaging teaching and marketing videos, one of the cardinal rules is to be entertaining.

If whatever you create is totally boring and dull, folks will click away faster than they can say, “This sucks!”

Whether you want to accept it or not, gone are the days of “just make a video”.

Now if you plan to use video in ANY way (prospecting, sales, lead capture, teaching, traffic, etc.), it HAS to be engaging.

That’s why you simply must watch this new video just posted online. Not only is it highly entertaining, super slick & and a bit wacky, but it’s full of awesome tips you can start using IMMEDIATELY in all your videos.

In fact, the director/producer of this film has worked on Hollywood movies himself, so you’re getting golden nuggets at the same time you’re getting entertained.

Watch it right here:


I guarantee you we’ve all been guilty of some of the mistakes made in this video. But starting today, let’s all move a step closer toward ridding the world of crappy marketing videos, okay? 😉


Talk soon,

Chris 🙂

P.S. Once you put in your email address for the video, you can also download a free .pdf jam-packed with 101 different mistakes to avoid in every video you create.

Frankly, I’ve learned a LOT about all aspects of media presentations from the producer of this video, and I’m sure you will too.

Grab it all — for FREE — right here:


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