Secrets of Maverick Entrepreneurs LIVE!

Ready to add more profits, passion and purpose to what you’re doing in 2010?

Then I recommend you block out 9pm ET Tuesday, January 5 for a free, LIVE *webinar* top-gun marketer Yanik Silver and I are putting on called:

“Secrets of Maverick Entrepreneurs LIVE!”

I’m super excited about this free event because Yanik is introducing everyone to his own personal network of insider connections…

These individuals are a small, distinct group of self-made millionaires who make up Maverick Business Adventures(r).

Members ranging from well-known, ‘celebrity’ online pioneers & experts, INC 500 companies, multi-national manufacturers, heads of financial institutions to renowned experts, International real estate developers and restaurateurs.

We did an event similiar to this before and it was a smashing success.  This time we’ve got a handful of new Mavericks scheduled to come together Tuesday to share with you their thinking on the 3 ‘Maverick Success Pillars’:

  • How to make more…
  • How to have more fun…
  • How to give more back…

Plus I’ll make sure he grills them on how they are adapting their businesses to maximize success in 2010 (get your pen and paper ready for the gems they’ll share)!

As an added bonus, Yanik will be sharing even more of his insights on how to increase your profits, your passion and purpose. The very same rules that have made him financially independent before the age of 31 starting with a silly idea at 3 o’clock in the morning.

(If you were on my Customer Appreciation webinar last week, you got to hear first-hand how dynamic and entertaining Yanik’s methods and philosophies are!)

Best part is, you don’t pay a dime to get on there (except for any long-distance charges like you would to Uncle Fritz in Wyoming). 😉

You need to register right here to get sent the login access and telephone pin number:

Since there’s zero cost for this one-time-only event, and only 300 lines available I expect this will be completely booked in no time flat.

And don’t worry – it doesn’t matter what connection speed you have or even if you have a PC or Mac.

“See” you Tuesday,

Chris Zavadowski

P.S. – The last time we produced a content-packed free webinar like this, not only did attendees go bonkers for all the great strategies and ideas revealed, but it totally SOLD OUT.  Don’t delay in grabbing your spot today:

Free Customer Appreciation Webinar this Monday!

It’s happening again!

This MONDAY, December 21, 2009 at 9pm (ET), I’m hosting our second-annual (and totally FREE) Customer Appreciation VIP Holiday All-Content Event for our most valued customers and subscribers (that’s YOU!).

Check out the VIDEO message I posted for you here:

Last year’s sold out free event was such a huge mega-hit, and generated so much buzz and praise, we’re doing it all over again this year.

Featuring a *new* line-up of ALL-STAR marketing guests, you’ll walk away from this 100% CONTENT, NO-PITCH free event with instantly actionable techniques and tips to help you cash in with the latest online marketing techniques.

Plus – we’re donating to “Charity Water” for each person who merely signs up, so it’s win-win for everyone and supporting a wonderful cause.

By the end of this event, you’ll have a roadmap for your 2010 online prospecting and business gameplan, along with action items and cutting edge tools (many are totally FREE) to apply in your business!

Here’s the one tiny ‘catch’

While this webinar is FREE (except for long distance charges) – there is room for ONLY 995 people on the webinar

Our sponsor, has graciously donated 1000 lines for this special charity customer appreciation event, and my all-star guests and me take up 5 spots – so do NOT delay in registering for this FREE webinar and missing out on these actionable strategies.  (I hope we’ll blow past the 1,000 mark so I can scramble for more lines!)

Sign up here today while there’s still time:

See you Monday night!

Chris 🙂

P.S. – Wouldn’t you like to have your own autopilot systems in place for 2010 that help increase your sales, leads, profits and sign-ups…without rejection or the usual torturous prospecting methods?

Or learn the latest business strategies that the mega-successful are using every day to cash in online?

If so – sign up for this FREE holiday ALL-CONTENT, zero-sales webinar taking place Monday at 9:00pm (ET/New York City time) and find out how to make it happen. And remember…only 1000 spots exist. Don’t miss out and kick yourself later!

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Get Webinar Content

It’s a fact…

Webinars ARE the new teleseminars. (It seems like everyone  and their uncle has finally gotten onboard and started  doing them now for the last few years.) Which means they  are definitely NOT a passing fad.

In fact, we recently surveyed our customers and subscribers about webinars.

Get this…

Out of 569 responses, a full 87.9% have attended a webinar before…but only 12.3% have ever presented a webinar. So people see the power of webinars — and keep attending them  — but for one reason or another are unsure about how to do  present a webinar themselves.

Now out of those who have never presented a webinar (which is pretty much EVERYONE surveyed) 77.2% said they wanted to know HOW to do one!

Considering the survey told us every stumbling block and  webinar question you have, we’ve decided to put together a  series of totally free videos for you all about creating, producing and cashing in from webinars to sell more of YOUR  products and services.

In Video #1, we’ll share with you 3 quick and easy ways to get content for a kick-butt profitable webinar.

Check it out here: [No Longer Available]

Be sure to leave us your feedback, too!

Talk to you soon,

Chris 🙂

P.S. – If you enjoy this video, be sure to sign up for our  upcoming “Insider Webinar Strategies v2.0” LIVE, free  webinar happening Monday, October 12, 2009!

And stay tuned for more videos over the coming days!

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