This is possibly the *best* online business in 2014…

Matt and JasonEverybody talks about Google as being the 800 lb. gorilla of traffic and money…

But there’s another 800 lb. gorilla walking around that nobody really seems to be talking about (at least not in the way I’m about to share with you).

And it doesn’t have you constantly worrying about downlines, quality scores, slaps, blog network attacks, dropped rankings, secret meetings, banned accounts, or the next Panda update.

Possibly The Best Online Business Business in 2014

YES, I’m talking about, but NO, I’m NOT talking about anything dealing with Kindle!

Get this…

Products not being sold by Amazon themselves account for over 41% of Amazon’s $74 billion+ in annual revenue. Real, physical products, not digital ebooks. In fact, the opportunity is even greater with these types of products.

Think about it — 41% ($30+ Billion!) of Amazon’s business is from other entrepeneurs, just like you and me, tapping into the Amazon platform. Which means this is a REAL BUSINESS people can build and not some fly-by-night gimmick that gets passed around online for a few months.

Now NOBODY knows Amazon better than Jason Katzenback & Matt Clark. Like yours truly, Matt has also spoken at Yanik Silver’s Underground® and recently left the audience speechless.

Fortunately they have just released an ALL-NEW *free* video series explaining their $100,000+/month Amazon businesses (don’t worry, they show proof, too). Plus they are even sharing their step-by-step promotion strategies to ramp up your sales.

There’s NO opt-in required, but I do HIGHLY suggest you pick up the FREE software they are offering.

Check it out here:

Listen. Very few people truly know what makes Amazon tick and how to get MAXIMUM traffic and sales.

I’ve personally experienced fantastic success with this system, but more on that later this week.

Don’t kick yourself later, when you can jump on this opportunity right now.

Wishing you the best,

Chris Zavadowski

P.S. It’s not often that someone in our online community comes to the table with something totally new, fresh and NOT old re-hashed garbage.

Matt & Jason made over $5M last year alone and even have students doing better than them! Amazon isn’t going anywhere which means this opportunity is only going to get hotter and hotter.

I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this eye-opening, updated video today:

P.P.S If you saw videos they released last year, these are NEW and updated with the latest stats and strategies. Which means these are worth watching today. If you have any doubts about them, you’ll hear from their countless students in the comments under the video:

5 UN-Creative Thoughts About Creativity

Uncreative Creative Business IdeasEntrepreneurs and marketers are constantly challenged to be creative. But creativity as it is commonly thought of and practiced is sin not virtue, because it is slow and ponderous; because it begins with a blank slate.

One of the most profitably creative entrepreneurs of all time, Walt Disney, said “….stop talking and begin doing.” To be profitable in the real world, creativity must be fast, decisive, practical, implementable and implemented. There’s little room for creativity for creativity’s sake.

I tend to practice “creativity cheating” – and thought I’d give you a few quick “cheats”, from the many I talked about at my one day Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs Seminar.*


From Tony Baxter, Senior V.P., Creative Development/Imagineering at Disney:

“For the climactic scene in the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland, we wanted the ride vehicle to suddenly start backing up as the giant rolling boulder comes thundering toward us. Having a ride vehicle back up in the middle of a ride is SOMETHING THAT’S NEVER BEEN DONE, BECAUSE IT’S NOT POSSIBLE.”

“With eighteen vehicles traveling down the same track at the same time, a vehicle going in reverse would collide with the next vehicle coming behind it along the track. But if you’ve ever ridden in the Indiana Jones attraction, you know your vehicle does suddenly start backing up. At least that’s your perception.”

“Your vehicle has actually stopped. It’s the walls and ceiling that are moving, giving you the undeniable feeling that you’re traveling backward…….so, where did we come up with this solution? A car wash. One of those self-service machines at the gas station where you pull your car in and park while a series of brushes and spray heads mounted above and beside your car travel back and forth.”

There’s more to Tony’s story, but enough here to make the point: whatever you’re trying to do, somebody has already figured out and built — just not in your business or industry or in an application you might ordinarily, easily think of in connection with your business. You do NOT want to invest umpteen days, weeks, months duplicating all the figuring out and innovation and engineering – you want to find the thing that’s already built.

Oh, and a key question to ask every time you see anything, go anywhere, experience anything: how can I use that?


Most people approach creative thinking from the front – the idea. Let’s say you’re going to open up a new restaurant. You’ll probably start with the name, maybe the theme, the menu.

But the best place to start is with what will insure a customer keeps coming back. Or his final few minutes in the place. What goes on at the cash register. What will create the highest average ticket. In short, you start thinking about outcomes and then build backwards.

Right now, in the movie business, a ton of very important money comes from stealth advertising and product placement. So very, very, very early in the creative process, in many cases prior to script and definitely prior to picking actors, the list of every possible product/advertiser that can be integrated into the film is thought through.

I am told in one blockbuster movie of 2005, a scene that took place inside a ski resort’s dim-lit bar at night in the book was moved to daytime, outside on the restaurant’s deck because they could get a sunglasses company, a parka company, and a liquor company with its name on patio table umbrellas to pony up money.


I started out, ever so briefly, in the ‘traditional’ advertising business, and have occasionally been involved – such as a few years back when I butted heads with Weight Watchers’ big name Madison Avenue agency. They tend to start their creative process with random ideas.

If you watch the advertising-related exercises on ‘The Apprentice’, you’ve seen this same mistake made. So, gather a bunch of ad industry creative types together to talk about advertising for a new perfume, they’ll instantly leap off a dozen creative cliffs: names, colors, package, celebrity, music.

I say: wait a damn minute! Tell me who the ‘target’ is – don’t even bother telling me about the product. I don’t give a rat’s patootie that it smells like jasmine or ocean breezes or beached whales in the last throes of death or is made from cedar planks or horny minks’ glandular secretions. I want to work backwards from who the intended buyer is.

And it matters whether she’s 18, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, single, married, etc. I catch clients constantly playing BLIND ARCHERY. Don’t develop a product or service or offer or Marketing Message unless you are developing it for a particular somebody. Not only is that the best and surest way to make money and avoid flops, it’s a terrific creativity shortcut because it narrows your range of creative work from the git-go.

If you want to manage time better, by now you probably know my best strategy is to give yourself less loose time to manage. If you want to get through the creation process quicker, give yourself a smaller canvass.


I get real joy out of hearing from GKIC Members as I did the day I wrote this, and hearing one after another telling me how they took an example from the NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, etc., etc. Again, you should never start with a blank slate. Too hard, too slow. Gather up some stuff to give you a jump start.


One of my favorite shortcuts is finding the little doodads, promotional items, grabbers that are available, that suggest or furnish the theme for my marketing campaign — especially when doing direct-mail. The copywriting I did for Rory Fatt’s boot camp one year, ‘The Magical Business Life Boot Camp For Restaurant Owners’, was because I first found a bunch of magic stuff in the Oriental Trading catalogs: tricks, cards, top hats, etc. I picked the theme because these things were available cheap.

If you don’t get these catalogs, you must:

Hands On Fun – Creative Tools:

Oriental Trading/Business:

Fun Impressions:

Here are just a few items that beget ideas:

Magnetic Construction Set

“Build a better _____________”

Foam Fall Leaves

“The leaves have started to turn colors – your reminder to __________”


“Once upon a time, mighty dinosaurs ruled the earth. They no longer even exist/ Why? Because they didn’t adapt to change. Don’t risk extinction!”

Jumbo Foam Dice

‘If you want to gamble, go to Vegas.

If you want a sure thing: ________________”

Seasonal Themes….a little more obvious. For example, Chinese New Years, St. Patricks Day

So, for example, instead of the Magic theme, next year Rory might use : Build A Better Restaurant Business. There’s the construction set I just talked about, hard hats, toy hammers and tool kits, sales letters printed on architects’ blueprints, building permits, and on and on and on. Who else could use this? Kitchen remodelers… center (build a better body)……karate school (build a better kid)….

See, wandering through one of these catalogs is another creativity shortcut.

There’s a business term: “speed to market.” It’s extremely important. The entrepreneurs I work with who make the most money are “speed to market” people. They rely on creativity shortcuts. You should too.

– By Dan S. Kennedy, serial entrepreneur, from-scratch multi-millionaire, speaker, consultant, coach, author of 13 books including the No B.S. series, and editor of The No B.S. Marketing Letter. FOR A SPECIAL FREE GIFT FROM DAN FOR YOU including newsletters, audio CD’s and more: visit:

The ultimate marketing mindmap (for free?!)…

This is the one of the coolest marketing mindmaps I’ve ever seen…

It was supposed to be part of an upcoming course, but now the creators are giving it away for FREE.

It covers EVERY single type of video you can create for your business, the steps to take and even the equipment to use (most of which you already own).

Not to mention, it comes with another highly entertaining video to explain everything to you.

Download this right now before it vanishes:

It’s on my hard drive already, and I highly recommend you grab this for yours, too.

Wishing you the best,

Chris 🙂

P.S. – Considering this .pdf is 100% free, you’d be crazy not to download a copy immediately.

Get it here:

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