This is Freakin’ Cool!

This is one of THE coolest things online…

I’ve been in the online marketing world for over 10 years now, and this is as close to “hands off” as I’ve ever experienced (once you do the work one time, of course).

You see, since January, I’ve been using Amazon to generate unlimited leads for my niche businesses — and you can, too!

Here’s a new free video series and “Challenge” that explains everything:

This works great in my obscure markets, but if you are in a very competitive marketplace, this works even better.

The best part?

You get *PAID* to generate free leads and branding this way.

And now one of my friends is showing step-by-step how to do this, from start to finish, for free this week in a cool series of look-over-his-shoulder “challenge” videos.

Having experienced the results first-hand myself the last 8 months, I can’t rave about this highly enough!

Check it out:

Talk soon,

Chris 🙂

P.S. – I absolutely LOVE this method so much, we’re using it in all aspects of our business. It’s addictive. Get the free book here and you’ll see what I mean:


  1. Charles Holmes says:

    Thanks for sharing the book and link, Chris. This looks like a great resource. I will definitely need to check it out.

    All the best.


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