Chocolate World, Superman and Replicating Sites

Hi everyone!

What an exciting summer…

In continuing my roadtrips and travels, I just got back from a quick spur-of-the-moment trip up to Hershey Park with Lara. If you’ve never been to Hershey, PA – it’s quite a fun day trip.

She’d never been up there either, so I called her up and told her to be ready in an hour. She had no clue until we were about 10 minutes from arrival. 😉 She specially loved “Chocolate World”, which is basically a factory outlet store for all things Hershey. It was heaven for her.

Then we hopped over to Hershey Park (a theme park) and hit as many rides as we could until they closed. Here’s our view from their “Sky View” ski lift ride on the left.

Unfortunately, she’s not as adventuruous as me…but I was able to introduce her to the “Tilt a Whirl” (remember that touring fair classic?) and a few tamer rides..even a rollercoaster, believe it or not. (If you saw the July video, you know her feelings on rollercoasters…hehe). Plus, I hit big on a few of the little side games, so it was a fun Monday. And of course traffic wasn’t bad since most people were at work and school. 😉

Believe it or not, as I’m writing this, I’m about 6 hours away from flying over with Yanik Silver to the United Kingdom. I’m an invited guest for his next “Underground” seminar — I’m very pumped for the line-up he has arranged, especially Ted Nicholas. And I’ll get to hang out with my good friend Peter Woodhead who is presenting and co-hosting the event. It’ll be a blast! If you’re going to be at the seminar, please come say “hi”!

Okay, now it’s time to get down to business (since I still have to pack for the trip)…

Turns out the last newsletter update actually got cut off (doh!) and was missing a few vital resources and bits of news, so I’ve included those below. Plus, I’ve also got a new (and unique) Profile of Success for this month, along with an interesting book recommendation. Since I still have an empty suitcase staring me in the face, this newsletter update will be a little shorter than usual.

Oh…and the blog has been completely redesigned! So try out the new “Comments” feature by clicking the word ‘comments’ underneath this post!

And without further delay, let’s hop into this very special Instant MLM Profit Secrets issue that I prepared for you…

What’s Instant MLM Profit Secrets, you might ask?

Good question…

You see, I spend tons of money buying new information (over $25,000.00 last year alone), checking out new products, attending seminars, reviewing material people send, reading a bunch of books and newsletters, etc.

So to keep up with the trends in network marketing and business, I’ve decided to share with you what’s new, what’s hot and what’s going on inside “Instant MLM Profit Secrets” newsletter/blog. You’ll find this site filled with resources, tips, and stuff I recommend. Every few months, I’ll let you know about the cool stuff I’ve come across and want to share (unless you’re nuts and unsubscribe). 🙂

Let’s get started…


New Software Allows You to Finally Create Replicating Mini-Sites

Now, if you’ve been in my world for any length of time, you should know that using your company’s cloned site as your main online marketing tool is a BAD idea. Instead, you should be using “mini-sites” for your main online efforts.

Well, when I started teaching this strategy last year and also in my six-week Online Prospecting Secrets program, I got a lot of questions about how to create “replicating mini-sites”. At the time, the only place I could refer people was to or to have something custom developed from the ground up. And while that’s still probably the best option, it can be quite painful if you have no experience in working with programmers on complex projects.

That’s why I was so excited when James Grandstaff pulled me aside at Yanik Silver’s “Info-Marketing Player’s Workshop” this summer to tell me about his latest invention!

It turns out I finally have a place to send people who want to set up their own replicating websites. At this point in time, I use different viral strategies other than replicating websites since this didn’t exist when I started. But based on the amount of questions and requests we’ve received over the past year, I know this will definitely help many of you out.

To get details on the software and get a FREE training MP3 and FREE PDF (and also discover how James managed to grow his organization to 5,539+ using only free traffic online), then click here to check out his page. First, you’ll need to set up your free log-in account. Then, look for the “Viral Software Package” section once you’re logged in.

I think you’ll really dig this!

(Important Disclaimer: I always stay 100% generic in all of my network marketing training so that my tactics and strategies can be used in ANY network marketing company. If you ever see any mention of James’ specific network marketing company…my endorsement of his software does NOT equal endorsement of whatever MLM(s) he’s involved with.)


Profile of Success: Superman

Time for a twist…

Superman…one of the most enduring, most popular icons…has returned to movie theaters this summer. He began his career in a short story written by one of his co-creators, in the third issue of Science Fiction Magazine, published in January, 1933. That Superman, though, was an entirely different character than we’re familiar with; in fact, he wasn’t even a hero. It was actually the third incarnation of Superman, as superhero rather than villain, in a circus acrobat inspired costume with the now familiar red cape, that stuck.

Superman was rejected a number of times by different comic book and newspaper syndicate publishers before finally debuting in the first issue of ‘Action Comics’ in August, 1938. With Superman on cover after cover, Action Comics’ per issue sales soared in just months to the then super number of 500,000 copies.

From 1939 to 1966, Superman also appeared in daily city newspaper cartoon pages nationwide, and returned after a hiatus again from 1977 to 1983. Superman has maintained a virtually uninterrupted super-status in comic books, radio shows, TV shows from the original Superman to Lois And Clark to the current Smallville, movies, and, of course, toy store shelves for 6 decades.

Given more emphasis in the new Superman Returns movie than in previous movies is Superman as alien from another planet – arguably the world’s most famous illegal immigrant! The enduring popularity of Superman is the result of combining many different character, psychological, mythological and story appeals.

So when you’re creating your marketing system and mini-sites…how are YOU creating a character and applying a sense of ‘story’ to your marketing?

Remember…one of the most potent psychological devices you can use in your marketing is a story. It kept people hooked on Superman for over half a century, and it can do the same with your prospects when properly applied.


New Recommended Book by Best-Selling Author

Remember The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing (it’s the 301-page paperback book I helped to author, along with Jim Rohn, Charles E. “Tremendous” Jones and others and available at Barnes & Noble,, etc)?

Well, the mastermind behind that project, Dr. Joe Rubino (bestselling author of 11 books including Secrets of Building a Million Dollar Network Marketing Organization and The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty) has done it again!

He’s recently released a new work called “The Self-Esteem Book” and he’s giving away the first two chapters completely free. If you want to get a better handle on your “internal game”, I suggest you check this out. And at the very least, read the 2 free chapters and see if it’s for you.

Click here for your 2 free chapters of The Self-Esteem Book.


Innovative New Program from MLMU

Hilton Johnson’s MLM University (MLMU) now has an innovative new program for those of you looking for another way to recruit for your health-related MLM (or just looking for another way to earn some extra dough).

It’s called “Health Coaching” and is a very unique partnership between MLMU and yourself. If you’re in a health program, I highly recommend you check this out and listen to their free audio which explains it more.

Click here for the free Health Coaching audio.

(Note: This is not an affiliate link – because I’m not in the health industry and haven’t gone through their year-long training. I’m simply letting you know about this because I think it could be very beneficial to some of you reading this, and they are a good company with good people.)


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for a few “back to school” promotions in our affiliate program…and an all-new “spooky” event coming your way next month! Off to London I go…


Chris Zavadowski 🙂

P.S. — Don’t forget to click the little “Comments” link underneath this blog entry and post your comments and share your fun summer adventures!

Waiting For Your Cat To Bark?

Brian and Jeffrey Eisenberg, marketing consultants from the online world, have written an interesting book about a rising business challenge: “persuading customers when they ignore marketing.” While we can’t agree with everything in the book, and cannot give it a blanket recommendation, it poses enough significant questions and offers up different perspectives that it deserves your reading and thought. Points made about what NOT to do in advertising (such as those on page 113) are 100% valid. The book
comes with an 80-minute DVD too – very interesting.

The Ultimate Marketing Plan

The NEW up-dated and expanded 3rd Edition of Dan Kennedy’s THE ULTIMATE MARKETING PLAN is now at booksellers. A fat 225 pages, it features 13 extraordinary ad, flyer and sales letter examples; a 15-step template for creating your own ‘ultimate marketing plan’ for any product, service or business; 17 “secret weapons”; tons of checklists, free resources, even an extension course delivered by e-mail.

This book guides you through every step of crafting a powerful message for your business, and getting it *delivered* to the ideal prospects. Also included: a comprehensive resource directory; certificate for free seminar tickets; and free entry in the national marketing plan/sales letter contest, with a new Ford Mustang as top prize.

From the book…why it’s so important: “Each day, from the minute your prospect awakes until the minute his exhausted eyes close at night, he is bombarded with advertising and marketing messages. On television, on the radio, on the internet at any web site he visits, in his e-mail, in his fax machine, on billboards, through his cell phone, in his mailbox at work and at home. If you accurately count every single time you are marketed to during just one day, you’ll find it’s in the thousands. This is the clutter and chaos and cacophony you must penetrate just to get your customer’s or client’s or prospect’s attention.”

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