There’s A Customer Born Every Minute

This is one of the best business books we’ve read all year – maybe in years. Its author, Joe Vitale turns his extensive research into the life, exploits and lectures of P.T. Barnum and produces “Rings Of Power” for any business owner.

It’s practical, but also great fun to read. You’ll discover Barnum was much more than a circus promoter — he owned a museum, made a singer famous, published a newspaper, made and lost one fortune then made another one, and even conducted seminars on ‘The Art Of Getting Money.’ And, incidentally, there’s no record of Barnum ever having said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

But armed with Joe’s tips-from-Barnum in this book, you will find there’s a new customer waiting for you every minute! Joe’s book, ‘There’s A Customer Born Every Minute’ is a great read and a great business gift!

Profile of Success: George Ross – Master Negotiator

You’ve seen George Ross on ‘The Apprentice’, next to The Donald in the Boardroom. George has assisted Donald trump with his real estate wheeling-and-dealing almost since the beginning, and is both Executive Vice-President and senior Counsel of The Trump Organization. He has been a lawyer specializing in real estate for 50 years, co-founded a radio station business he built and sold for millions, invests in various projects, and teaches negotiation at New York University.

George has authored a new book, TRUMP STRATEGIES FOR REAL ESTATE: BILLIONAIRE LESSONS FOR THE SMALL INVESTOR, with four of its chapters devoted to negotiation. If you want an inside look at one of Trump’s top hired guns, and want to learn from a master negotiator…ask Santa to bring you this. 🙂

Do You Make These 38 Mistakes With Your Credit?

Are these mistakes surprising to you? What don’t you know that you should about… transferring credit balances to get a better rate? Applying for a home equity credit line? Rate shopping the wrong way? Using personal credit for your business? Closing accounts?

Expert Stephen Snyder reveals inside secrets of credit scores, so you avoid mistakes that worsen your score and do the right things to optimize your score… to expand borrowing power, get the lowest interest rates and best terms, which means improving your lifestyle. This is doubly important to business owners who have to be concerned with both their company’s credit status as well as their own. Stephen has appeared on CNNfn, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, in Newsweek and The Wall Street journal as America’s leading credit scores expert. His book, Do You Make These 38 Mistakes With Your Credit?, is available at bookstores,, or get info at and

While it’s a VERY quick 20 minute read, you’ll pick up a few new tips and ideas that are guaranteed to help you keep your scores high (which helps your business and personal credit).

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